A little about myself: For the past fifteen years, I have been living my dream, finally having found where my passion lies: in engineering the careers of those in the pharmaceutical consulting industry.
Prior to this, my path lead me through an illustrious stint in the Navy where I was a Landing Craft Pilot and worked in the rough and tumble shipyards as a crane operator.
Along life’s course, I have been everything from an Architectural drafter to a financial Planner.
As how life goes, I found my passion when I was introduced to consulting and found that I could have a positive impact on the careers of the consultants I was representing. I started working firstly with professionals in administrative support, then technology, and finally wound up in life sciences. Life sciences has been where I’ve been able to satisfy my passion of promoting career growth while being an adjutant for medical professionals bent on making a difference in public health.
Through Edge Alliance, I’m now able promote a company culture that embraces career and life balance along with centering everything we do around the Professionals we represent.



I have spent the last 10 years helping Professionals develop and exceed their career goals. Most recently I’ve partnered with a longtime friend, colleague, -and sometimes benevolent dictator- Maurice Little, and launched Edge Alliance with a sole purpose of showing professionals how to shake the cobwebs off of their career and blast it off into the future!
The jewel in the crown of my accomplishments is the team that I’ve built around me and, in such, we are doomed to succeed! As far as my background is concerned, I have been characterized by Myers & Briggs as an Inspirer and mostly spend my free time having fun and inspiring my family. I’ve also been characterized as a thrill seeker who loves to surf, snowboard, scuba dive, and race just about anything that has a motor. I’ve married into a Japanese family that values a strong work ethic, honor, and respect for others which are the same principles that Edge Alliance has been founded on.
Prior to this current adventure, I worked as a bench scientist where I once gave myself Cyanide poisoning (true story) and have also worked for a CRO and as a Biochemist. A few other career accomplishments include serving as a Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, Tow Truck Operator, Roofer, Mechanic, and was once a Manager at Little Caesar’s.
I strive to progress and make a difference at everything that I do and consider myself a life time student.



My childhood dream was to be in pictures, like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard or to prance around on a Broadway stage, however; my passion for shopping, watching programs on BBC America, and eating out, led me to a path where paychecks took precedence. I studied Business Management while frequenting the theatre scene in San Francisco during my free time to immerse myself in musicals. Upon completion of that degree, I pursued a Master’s in Administration, with a focus on the Arts and Entertainment industries.
I learned a lot in school, but didn’t really know what to do with this vast knowledge. In the years that followed my career as a student, I worked for a handful of organizations where I was the “go-to-gal” for all things that most would refer to as “back office”: contracts, payroll, employee benefits, financial reports, policies and procedures, marketing, event planning, facilities, and so much more! After 15 years of working “behind the scenes”, I was ready for something different, exciting, and less structured. Someplace where I could really unleash my vast knowledge and creativity, and actually get recognition for it. So, in 2012, I decided to join my dear friends and former colleagues, Daniel McGowan and Maurice Little, to be their champion in an adventure called Edge Alliance.
When not working, I am usually hanging out with my family. I don’t frequent the theatre as often as I used to back in my college days, but I still enjoy BBC America and shopping as much as ever (although I do a lot of it online now)!