Biotech and Pharmaceutical Consulting



Edge Alliance is a Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical consulting firm that brings an innovative approach to career development and success. We support organizations in Silicon Valley and throughout North America by providing outstanding people who specialize in Drug Safety and Clinical Trials.

Although the members of Team Edge have diverse backgrounds, our professional relevance gravitate toward consulting in the clinical development field, which would come naturally in a Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical hotbed like the San Francisco bay area. As we found ourselves particularly successful in placing consultants in specialized roles during our early years in the industry, we realized that we too must specialize, so we eventually refined our practice around the model we have today.

Innovation is an essential part of our offering and we are dedicated to making sure that your experience working with us reflects that. This means, whether you are a consultant or a client, you will have our complete attention, have your priorities also become ours, and be acknowledged for being an integral part of our business.

At Edge Alliance, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our team. We work with each client directly. We are candid because we believe in results. We don't work in silos because we enjoy collaboration and teamwork especially when good music and a robust cup of coffee are involved. We bring something new and valuable to our consultants and clients with our experience and personalities.

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